Fire Resistive Products

Fire resistive glazing provides protection from smoke, flames, and radiant and conductive heat transfer. They are used for applications that require a fire rating that meets 250° F temperature-rise criteria to limit the amount of heat transfer to the other side of the door or wall to the other. Fire resistive glass is also important in preventing radiant heat that could cause combustible materials to ignite and provides an essential protective barrier for stairwells and other building exit points, and for large glass walls and partitions.

Fire Resistive Protection Against Smoke, Flames and Radiant Heat Transfer

Ray-Bar Engineering offers products featuring Pilkington Pyrostop® glazing for applications requiring fire resistant glass. Our interior products are available in fire ratings ranging from 45 to 120 minutes depending on thickness and can be used in door or wall assemblies (120-minute fire rating is for wall or fireframe assemblies only). Fire resistant Pyrostop® products designed for exterior use feature fire ratings ranging from 45 to 120 minutes for door or wall assemblies.

View our PyroStop technical data sheet for full specifications for interior and exterior wall and door applications.

Fire Resistant Glass Features

Fire Resistive Glass Certifications and Classifications

Ray-bar Engineering offers fire resistant glass products that provide protection from thermal heat transfer and that can be used for interior or exterior applications. Building codes and requirements can vary based on building construction type and location, and material use (e.g., wall or door). Always verify your application’s fire rating requirements prior to placing your order.

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View our technical data sheet to learn more Pilkington Pyrostop Fire Glass or contact us to request a quote or for additional information.