Storage and Care of X-Ray Glass

Please view our glass maintenance and handling storage information here.

Safe Transportation and Storage of Lead Lined Drywall Shielding Materials

  • Lead backed drywall must always be kept out of the sun and stored indoors in a cool dry place as the sheet lead readily absorbs heat and causes the gypsum drywall to "sweat" and crumble or become soft and prone to crack, fracture and fold.
  • If the drywall is transported in the back of a delivery truck on a hot day or in the sun, promptly cover the drywall with cardboard or another sheet of regular drywall and let the lead drywall "cool" prior to moving or stocking it. Preferably park the delivery truck in the cool shade and stock only in the early morning.
  • Never transport or stock in the rain or allow the drywall to get wet.
  • Never expose or store materials in direct sun, heat or moisture.
  • Always keep in mind the heavy weight of the drywall and be sure the drywall cart or elevators can easily handle the total weight.
  • Never exceed or over load carts,forklifts,gradalls,trucks or elevators beyond their stated capacities.
  • Lead backed drywall panels are very heavy and must be carefully secured and stocked flat on a level ground surface on a minimum of 4 or more evenly spaced blocks or other supports and NEVER against a wall or leaned against a vertical surface which materials may tip or fall over or collapse causing potential damage or serious injury to the installers or others.

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