X-Ray Protective Glass for Radiation Shielding

At Ray-Bar, we manufacture industry-leading X-ray glass and high-performance radiation shielding products. Our wide selection of radiation protective resources includes X-Ray Lead Glass, X-Ray Safety Glass, many options of radiation shielding glass accessories, and other X-ray glazing assemblies and glass products. From medical diagnostic imaging environments to industrial X-ray applications, Ray-Bar's radiation protective glass has been trusted for over 80 years to provide ultimate dependable life and safety protection.

Radiation Shielding Glass Products from Ray-Bar

X-Ray Lead Glass

Our High-density X-Ray Lead Glass allows technicians to view patients safely through control windows during X-ray imaging procedures. Ray-Bar's X-ray lead glass is used by medical facilities worldwide to provide superior X-ray protection, including Medical Diagnostic Imaging and Radiation Oncology Cancer Treatment Centers. Our X-ray glass also provides radiation shielding in non-medical high-energy industrial X-ray NDT applications.

Ray-Bar X-ray lead glass meets all applicable requirements of NCRP reports #47 and #149 and Federal Specification DD-G-451. Ray-bar annealed X-ray glass also meets ASTM C1036, Type 1(transparent flat glass), Class C (clear), Q3 (architectural quality).

X-Ray Safety Glass

Impact Resistant X-Ray Safety Glass for use in hazardous locations as required per IBC 2406 "Safety Glazing" and properly labeled to meet the requirements of safety standards ANSI Z97.1 and CPSC 16 CFR 1201 Cat 2. Ray-Bar X-Ray Safety Glass is impact-resistant, comes in various sizes, and offers protection from X-ray and Gamma radiation, and ionizing photon rays. It is available in multiple radiation protective shielding levels and can be provided optionally with lead-lined frames for either wall or installation into door applications.

Other Radiation Protective Glass Products

In addition to X-Ray Lead Glass and Impact Resistant X-Ray Safety Glass, Ray-Bar manufactures other premium radiation shielding glass products, including laminated X-ray glass, internal horizontal blind IGU units, and more. These products are meticulously designed to achieve superior radiation protection for a wide range of applications and uses. Product selection includes:

Additional Radiation Shielding Accessories

Ray-Bar's X-ray glass accessories include a wide range of radiation shielding products, from glass glazing foam to lead-lined glass stops. Like all of Ray-Bar's products, these radiation shielding accessories are manufactured for superior performance, ensuring you achieve the proper radiation protection for your application. Available accessories include:

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