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X-Ray Lead Glass Accessories

X-Ray Glazing Tape

X-Ray Glazing Tape

X-Ray Glazing Tape

  • Cushions and supports X-Ray Glass
  • Not affected by radiation exposure
  • Available ready to ship in only 1 day

X-Ray Glass Glazing Tape is 3/8" x 3/8" (0.375" x 0.375") and available in 25' 0" (300") length rolls. This product is adhesive backed for ease of installation in hollow metal frames and removable stops. Unlike other glazing tapes, X-Ray Glass Glazing Tape is non-reactive and will not break down when exposed to radiation. It provides even cushioned support around the perimeter of the x-ray glass, metal frame, and removable stop assembly. This product is highly recommended for all x-ray glass installations.

Note: X-ray glass should never be installed without glazing tape, or "pinched" directly against metal surfaces which may potentially cause breakage or "egg-shelling" risks.

Ray-Bar X-Ray Glass Setting Blocks (Glazing Shims)

-Ray Glass Blocks

Ray Glass Setting Blocks

  • Provides soft cushion for setting or shimming glass
  • Shims are available 1/16" or 1/8" thick
  • *Available ready to ship in only 1 day

X-Ray Glass Setting Blocks are utilized for shimming or centering x-ray glass into control window frames. The blocks provide shielding and a soft bottom support for the x-ray glass to rest on for balanced pressure. Setting Blocks assist in properly and safely installing x-ray glass into a metal frame while keeping the edges of the x-ray glass from contacting the steel frame. They allow a perimeter gap between 1/16" and 1/8" all the way around, assuming the glass is ordered with proper undercuts in relation to the inside frame dimensions. Additionally, they create a perimeter cushion that prevents uneven stress points or pinching by frames that are slightly twisted, bowed or out of square, thus, reducing the potential of glass breakage.

Setting block shims should be installed flat at both corners of the bottom window frame sill. There should be a center setting block shim if the frame is 24" or wider. Intermediate setting shims should be evenly spaced at a maximum distance of 12" apart (I.E. a 48” wide piece of glass would require 4 equally spaced bottom setting block shims at the window sill). The glass should be gently placed onto the shims and carefully centered in the frame width and secured with removable stops with Ray-Bar X-Ray Glass Glazing Tape applied to the stops on both sides of the x-ray glass. X-Ray Glass Setting Blocks are available as non-adhesive in standard 1/16" or 1/8" thicknesses x 3/8" wide x 6" long. This specialized product is highly recommended for all x-ray glass installations.

Ray-Bar Lead Lined Glass Stops

Lead Glass Stops

Lead Lined Glass Stops

  • Provides tighter radiation seal around glass
  • Fits into most lead lined hollow metal frames
  • Available in only 1 to 4 days

Ray-Bar Lead Lined Window Glass Stops are utilized for providing additional shielding and a tighter radiation seal around the perimeter of x-ray glass installed into a properly lead lined hollow metal window frame. This is particularly useful if the glass is undersized in relation to the window frame inside dimensions, or in isotopic or higher energy x-ray or gamma radiation shielding applications. These specialized stops are internally shielded to your specified lead thickness shielding value and are available primered and "ready to paint" as standard sized 5/8" x 5/8" x your required length(s) plus punched and dimpled to accept the included metal screw fasteners.

* Please note: It is recommended that Ray-Bar X-Ray Glass Glazing Tape is also utilized with this product.

Ray-Bar Vertical Shielded "T" Joints

Vertical Shielded "T" Joints

  • Shields vertical joint between glass panes
  • Eliminates the need for vertical mullions
  • Ultra thin providing a clearer view
  • Available in only 1 to 3 days

Ray-Bar Vertical Shielded "T" Joints are used when an extra wide x-ray control window view is required with minimum obstruction. They eliminate the need for large vertical mullions that reduce view and may create shielding challenges. These ultra-thin shielded "T" joints provide your specified lead shielding values and proper overlaps at the vertical joint between 2 or more in-line panes of X-Ray Lead Glass. This eliminates the need for a big lead-lined vertical mullion while allowing a clearer and virtually uninterrupted overall view. Ray-Bar Vertical Shielded "T" Joints are readily available any size up to 48" high as either primered "ready to paint" or trimmed with a stainless steel face. 

Ray-Bar Shielded T-Joints are fabricated with 99.9% pure lead specifically for radiation shielding applications meeting Federal Specification QQ-L-201 Grade C and ASTM B749-03,Type L51121.

Ray-Bar Vertical Shielded T-Joints are also available for30, 45 or 90 degree angled multi-pane applications to properly shield the outside angled vertical joint between the glass panes, and provide shielding overlaps as required by NCRP (National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements reports #49 and #147). Ray-Bar can provide these proprietary shielded T-Joints only with genuine Ray-Bar supplied X-Ray Glass for quality control, product liability and proper shielding design continuity.

Ray-Bar X-Ray Glass Polish

X-Ray Glass Polish

X-Ray Glass Polish

  • Easy to use for refurbishing old glass
  • Removes fogging and oxidation
  • Will not remove deep scratches

X-Ray Glass Polish is specially formulated to gently reduce or eliminate haze or hair-line scratches from x-ray lead glass surfaces. It also refurbishes existing medical x-ray glass windows by reducing surface "fogging", discoloration and oxidation from age to provide a clearer view of patients. The polish and applicator are included along with polishing instructions in this kit. Product does not remove etches or deep scratches.

Ray-Bar Lead Acrylic Polish

Lead Acrylic Polish

Lead Acrylic Polish

  • Easy to use for deep cleaning
  • Removes fogging, light scratches and blemishes
  • Will not remove deep scratches

Lead Acrylic Polish is specially formulated in 2 different grades: heavy and fine. It is used for cleaning and reducing hair-line scratches or light blemishes in soft lead acrylic surfaces, or refurbishing older lead acrylic control windows. It will not remove etches, deep scratches or reduce age discoloration.