Lead Lined Plywood

Lead Backed Plywood

Lead Lined Plywood

Lead Backed Plywood

Panel finish option - Kydex

Lead Backed Plywood

Panel finish option – Acrovyn Solids

Fire Retardant Plywood

Ray-Bar utilizes only Fire-Retardant plywood in all of our lead backed plywood products. All of our plywood is UL tested for Flame Spread rating for 30 minutes per ASTM E-84 flame spread test. Our lead lined plywood products are typically utilized for structural support and shear in heavy lead shielding requirement applications and flooring shielding. Ray-Bar Lead Backed Fire Retardant Plywood is available in 17 standard lead shielding thickness values.

ICC-ESR-1791 has been issued by the International Code Council, confirming compliance with National, Uniform and Standard building codes.

ICC-ESR-1791 contains conditions of use and strength adjustments for sheathing, framing and other applications.

This plywood meets the flame spread requirement of all building codes which is 25 or less, as determined by Underwriters Laboratories in the extended 30 minute duration of ASTM E-84, "Standard Test Method for Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials." Each piece of treated wood bears the Underwriters Laboratories Classification mark identifying it as being produced under its Classification and Follow Up Services.

Pressure Impregnated vs. Fire Retardant Coating

The treated plywood we utilize in our products is pressure impregnated deep into the wood to provide permanent protection, unlike surface applied coatings, which only provide superficial protection.

When pressure impregnated treated plywood wood is exposed to fire, non-combustible gas and water vapor are produced, and a layer of protective char forms, which hinders combustion and insulates the wood against further damage.

Interior fire-retardant pressure impregnated treated plywood has a low rate of fuel contribution and heat release, and it maintains structural integrity longer than other building materials such as steel.

Please note this is a much higher performance requirement than "Fire Retardant" surface coated products that are only tested for 10 minutes and do not meet code requirements for structural uses.

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